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Pipe Markers

Pipeline markers help make identifying the contents of pipes quicker and easier which is particularly helpful in emergency situations and saves time during maintenance.

Identisign’s Pipeline Marker range is manufactured from outdoor vinyl and can be either screen printed as the economy range, or the more durable premium range which is format printed with an over laminate. Markers are sold in packs of 5.

The ‘AS 1345 – 1995 Identification of the contents of pipes, conduits and ducts’, provides a colour identification system to ensure this is done consistently across Australia. For further information regarding compliance for your pipeline marking needs, Identisign recommends you contact your local regulating body.

Markers come in three sizes and suit pipe diameters of 40mm or smaller, 40-75mm or 75mm or larger.

Markers have three components;

  •        Standard base identification colour – colour coded background enables immediate generic recognition of the nature of the contents.
  •        Pipe marker – text which explicitly identified the contents, direction of flow and the nature of the hazardous contents, if applicable.
  •        Supplementary and direction markers – if required, additional markers (patch or band 75mm) are adhered to the patch or band.

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