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Hazard Tags

There are a variety of hazards that are common in the electrical and electronics industry. By understanding the nature of these hazards and risks, isolation procedures may be implemented during cleaning, alterations, servicing, repairs and maintenance to prevent damage or potentially fatal energy releases.

While isolation procedures shall vary in each workplace due to differences in plant, power sources and hazards, each process shall incorporate the tagging of machinery controls, energy sources and other hazards in order to comply with Australian legal requirements and ensure safe work practices.

Identisign offers a standard tag range with either ‘DANGER’ or ‘WARNING’ to use in conjunction with your lock out / tag out procedure.

Lockout tags clearly show the maintenance status at a glance along with relevant information such as dates, departments and any personnel pertinent to the actions taken. A personal danger tag on equipment is a warning that it is currently unsafe to operate and operating the equipment may endanger the person who attached the tag. Alternatively out of service tags are also available which states that the equipment or appliances are out of operation for repairs, alterations or installation.

To reuse tags, look no further than our polypropylene option which are sold in packs of 10. If disposable tags are preferred, our cardboard range comes in packs of 100.

Can’t find a tag suited to your needs? For unique tag out requirements, we can create a custom tag tailored to your needs. Bulk discounts may apply.

Did you know we can assist with all your lock out / tag out requirements? Check out our lock out devises or contact us for more information on 8795 7712 or email sales@identisign.com.au today! Lock out/tag out Lock Out/Tag Out LOTO

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Pack of 10 Plastic Tags


80 x 150mm with prepressed hole