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Operating since 1995, we are a family-run business and are delighted to announce that products manufactured on site are officially Australian Made and certified! Check out our range to see which products can boast this accomplishment!

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  • 003 Key is compliant to the Australian Fire Brigade regulations, and are extensively used by all fire and rescue emergency services. For cabinets that needs to be locked to prevent unautorised access, the 003 padlock is recommended. The Fire Brigade crew would carry 003 keys that could open the padlock in case of emergency.

  • UV Resistant Powder Coated Steel
  • Height: 312mm
  • Width: 410mm
  • Depth: 150mm
  •  UV Resistant Powder Coated Steel
  •  003 lock break glass
  •  Suits 2.0kg-4.5kg DCP extinguishers
  •  Height: 560mm
  •  Width: 280mm
  •  Depth: 203mm
  •  UV Resistant Powder Coated Steel
  •  003 lock break glass
  •  Suits 9.0kg DCP extinguisher
  •  Suits 3.5kg CO2 extinguisher
  •  Height: 710mm
  •  Width: 280mm
  •  Depth: 263mm