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Custom Plaques

Did you know that Identisign offers a range of plaques from the traditional wall-mounted brass plaques to engraved aluminium and brass plaques?

Cast plaques are timeless for a reason! They are robust enough to withstand the elements and vandals yet are perfect to commemorate the opening of a building or even to honour a loved one. Our casts come in a variety of designs and background colours. Our bronze plaques are available in many sizes with cast-on vandal resistant fittings to allow installation in exposed areas such as parks, schools, gardens and memorial parks.

Our aluminium and brass plaques are ideal for ceremonial and commemorative purposes but also awards and other ceremonies to recognise outstanding efforts or the accomplishments of an individual or team. Anodised aluminium is engraved and then hand paint-filled to ensure eye-catching contrast and a flawless finish. This type of plaque is also ideal for outdoor use especially if a more modern feel is preferred. Brass has a warmth unparalleled by other metals though is best suited to indoor displays as it naturally tarnishes over time. Rejuvenating the finish to its original state is a simple process and is achieved by using a fine grit sandpaper with all movements done only in the same direction.

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