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Operating since 1995, we are a family-run business and are delighted to announce that products manufactured on site are officially Australian Made and certified! Check out our range to see which products can boast this accomplishment!

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Custom Stencils

Did you know we manufacture our own stencils? If you are unable to find what you are looking for in our extensive health and safety, general and packaging ranges, we can design a solution that ticks all your boxes! Our stencil material is very durable at 1.4mm or 3mm polypropylene and with the ability for refreshing by reapplication, stencils are one of the most long-term cost-effective solutions possible.

Health and Safety, Carpark

Our health and safety stencils are ideal in conjunction with standard safety signage for areas where there are no nearby structures or mounting options for signage. Ensure your message is clearly visible and reinforced with repetition by leaving a permanent, reinforced safety message where everyone will see it - their feet!

Packaging and General

Assist with asset identification, labelling and ensuring clear instructions are permanently applied to stock and products to guide staff and couriers to facilitate safe transportation. Stock write-offs can potentially be reduced by providing directions on how to safely move items simply by taking advantage of a re-usable method of labelling objects.

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