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Operating since 1995, we are a family-run business and are delighted to announce that products manufactured on site are officially Australian Made and certified! Check out our range to see which products can boast this accomplishment!

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Door Plate Signage

Identisign offers a range of custom solutions for all your door signage requirements! Our Door Plate signage is a type of ‘Tamper Proof’ signage which is particularly ideal for use in locations where there is a possibility of surface damage. They can also be made from laminate.

Perfect for numbering or labelling a room or area, this is an economical solution compared to other signage options making this ideal for settings where a cohesive solution is required throughout a large area such as hotels, motels, government and commercial buildings as well as school, offices and other businesses. 

The manufacturing process for this range of signage utilises a technique where colours are directly imaged onto the metal surface. This option is ideal for detailed logo work or images as detail can be accurately captured.

With an exciting variety of manufacturing processes and media at our disposal, we can make your vision a reality! Contact us on (03) 8795 7712 or email to discuss your needs today!

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