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Protect minor cuts and wounds while meeting stringent food industry standards.

 - Easy to see blue for use in food handling and preparation

 - Soft absorbent pad protects the wound and promotes healing

 - Waterproof plastic increases staying power in kitchen environments

note: branding and packaging has recently changed but product remains the same

Ideal for food preparation and food handling.

 - Certified and approved to AS/NZS 1841.5

 - Fire Rating: 1A:10B:E

 - Operating Pressure: 11 bar

 - Powder Type: ABE 70% MAP

 - Dimensions: 80mm x 305mm

 - Cylinder Volume: 1.0L

 - Cylinder Thickness: 1.0mm

 - Test Pressure: 27 bar

 - Full Weight: 1.8kg

 - Certified and approved to AS/NZS 1841.5

 - Fire Rating: 1A:20B:E

 - Operating Pressure: 11 bar

 - Powder Type: ABE 70% MAP

 - Dimensions: 100mm x 370mm

 - Cylinder Volume: 1.0L

 - Cylinder Thickness: 1.0mm

 - Test Pressure:27 bar

 - Full Weight: 2.5kg

Take advantage of the ability to share ideas and messages by attaching relevant information and writing on the same surface.

This slimline finish looks both professional and elegant and shall endure for many years.

This sign covers the pump handle thus eliminating the pump being mistakenly picked up by customers when out of order.

The Master Lock No. S1705P410 Compact Safety Lockout Station features durable polycarbonate construction for years of use in corrosive environments and measures 19.6cm x 24.7cm.

Station includes hasp, tags and a Master Lock No. 410RED Zenex™ Thermoplastic safety padlock. Four hanger clips integrated for safety padlocks and/or hasps.

Includes face labels in English, Spanish/English or French/English.

Size: Standard 150mm x 225mm

Material: PVC

Mandatory signage indicates an instruction that must be carried out. Like the Prohibition Signs, this is a type of regulatory signage which can be linked with a law or standing workplace order and therefore must be carried out without exception.

Mandatory signage is characterised by a white symbol over a blue circle with black text. Alternatively, only black text can be depicted.

Our stencils are manufactured from exceptionally durable 1.4mm polypropylene to enable multiple applications. When well cared for, stencils are designed to stand the test of time which means you shall be reaching for this economical solution to periodically refresh the finish!

Size – 650 x 150

255mm long x 210mm high x 180mm wide.

Rope connection points moulded into the chock. Single side design.

Our recycled high quality moulded rubber wheel chock range is ideal for stopping vehicles, trucks, trailers and caravans from moving whilst not in use. Ideal for transport companies, mine sites and caravan owners.