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Operating since 1995, we are a family-run business and are delighted to announce that products manufactured on site are officially Australian Made and certified! Check out our range to see which products can boast this accomplishment!

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Directories & Door Numbers

Directory signage provides information to indicate key points of interest such as areas and personnel within that space for businesses, offices and special events. When designed well, a directory panel will identify the business, location and often the direction of different components of an address with the use of arrows.

Our navigation solutions can be manufactured with as many or few inserts or elements as required which allows complete customisation for size, design and layout. Signage with sliding inserts can be conveniently updated as often as required which makes this a cost-effective option.

We offer multiple options which means that your signage can be tailored to suit indoor or exterior settings and range from small door signs to large directory boards.  This means that your signage can be tailored throughout your space to ensure a cohesive and professional impression is left on staff, visitors and guests.

Manufactured on site with a range of processes such as engraving and printing as well as a wide selection of media to choose from, Identisign can make your signage ideas a reality! Reach out today on (03) 8795 7712 to get a quote!

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