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Whiteboards / Noticeboards

Stock portable white boards, Noticeboards, Combination Boards, Chalkboards with anodised aluminium frames. Custom designed with manufactured magnetic boards available with your own company or workplace indicator and evaluation details printed onto them.

Numerous sizes, materials and options. Whiteboard markers, magnetic buttons and accessories are available.

Combination Board

Boards available in combinations of Whiteboards, Notice Boards and Chalk boards. Combination boards also have aluminium frames, removable pen trays and hanging provisions.


Range of Noticeboards include vertiface fabric or crok. All boards are available in a alrge range of colours and also have aluminium frames and hanging provisions.


All Whiteboards are magnetic and are available in a choice of commercial or vitreous enamel writing surfaces and also feature aluminium frames.


Solid built with masonite surface. Aluminium frame, chalk rail and hanging provisions.

Standard Sizes :

600 x 450mm1200 x 900mm1500 x 1200mm2400 x 1200mm
900 x 600mm1200 x 1200mm1800 x 900mm3000 x 1200mm
900 x 900mm1500 x 900mm1800 x 1200mm3600 x 1200mm

Custom Designs to Your Specification

Customise your own company / workplace indicator and evaluation boards. Printed and designed to your company's needs.

Mobile Whiteboards

Mobile Whiteboards can be both single or double sided with solid powder-coated steel stand also available on request.