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Traffic Bollards & Cones

Ideal for emergency work or maintenance work, temporary T-Top bollards with 6kg Rubber base and reflective band, Reflective and non reflective fluoro orange cones with rubber bases, Collapsible Cones with built in light, knock down bollards.

We also have 6mm and 8mm plastic chain available in yellow, white, red, red and white. If you are wanting to cordon an area off quickly try our retractable cone bars with Class 2 yellow and black tiger strip over the length of the bar.

Temporary Bollard
1.15m height PE
1000mm Cone
Broad Base PE
700mm Traffic Cone
Reflective Sleeve PE
450mm Traffic Cone
Reflective Sleeve PE

900mm Traffic Cone
Stackable PE
700mm Traffic Cone
Stackable PE
450mm Traffic Cone
Stackable PE
Hazard Lamp for night time visibility
BT6790 - 6 Volt Battery for BT6789 - needs 2

FBP450 - 80 x 450mm
FBP800 - 80 x 800mm
One Piece Flexi Bollard -
Rebounds after impact, high visibility, flexible polyurethane bollard.
BTC450 - Collapsible Core 450mm
BTC720 - Collapsible Core 720mm

Ideal for emergency or maintenance work, these collapsible cones fold down to less than 40mm high. Durable contstruction with internal light which can be switched between constant or flash modes. Long life battery included. At night the light causes the entire cone to glow.
Both size cones include reflective collars.

100 x 1000mm

Two Piece Knock Down Bollard
Elasticised joint ensures bollard returns to upright position.
Retractable Cone Bar RCB2

Retractable Cone Bar with reflective bands extends to 1.2 - 2 metres. Use with any standard traffic cone.