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Mobile spill kit bins are available in 120L and 240L a convenient solution for an immediate response to aggressive and reactive chemical and oil spills. Spill kits are a must for factories, petrol stations, shops, transport depots and trucks. Specific kits for general purpose, oil & fuel and hazchem.

Available also in 30, 50 and 80Ltr carry kits. Full range of refill products also available such as spill bags, socks, pillows, pads, floor sweep, gloves and dust pans why not complete the package with required spill kit signage.

Spillsmart Mobile Spill Kits

Spillsmart 80, 50 & 30 litre kits
General Purpose

Spillsmart Mobile Spill Kits are designed as easy to transport spill kits. These kits come in a heavy duty PVC bag so easily withstand harsh treatment. AS with the Wheelie Bins, general purpose kits are designed for spills of oil and non-aggressive chemicals for land use. Designed for trucks and service vehicles.

Spillsmart 80, 50 & 30 litre kits
Oil & Fuel

Spillsmart Mobile Oil & Fuel Kits are specifically designed for on-water oil and fuel spills. Designed for boats and marinas.

Spillsmart 80, 50 & 30 litre kits

Spillsmart Hazchem Mobile Spill Kit is a convenient solution to enable an immediate response to aggressive and reactive chemical spills. Designed for small factory / forecourts, laboratories / hospitals.
ES-SK80G80 litre carry kit
ES-SK50G50 litre carry kit
ES-SK30G30 litre carry kit
ES-SK80H80 litre carry kit
ES-SK50H50 litre carry kit
ES-SK30H30 litre carry kit
ES-SK80HAZ80 litre carry kit
ES-SK50HAZ50 litre carry kit
ES-SK30HAZ30 litre carry kit

Spillsmart Wheelie Bin Spill Kits

Spillsmart 240L & 120L Kits
General Purpose

These general purpose spill kits are for the spills of oils and other non-aggressive liquids where the main risk is on land.

Designed for :

  • Large workshops and forecourt areas.
  • Mines.
  • Manufacturing plants.

Spillsmart 240L & 120L Kits
Oil & Fuel

These oil and fuel kits contain products that are hydrophobic, meaning they do not absorb water. These kits are designed to control spills of oil (and like products) on water.

Designed for :

  • Anywhere oil is transferred or stored or used near or on water, In particular, marinas.

Spillsmart 240L & 120L Kits

These hazchem spill kits are a reponse kit particularly designed for areas where a variety of aggressive and reactive chemicals are stored.

Designed for :

  • Where chemicals are stored / used.
  • Labs, factories and hospitals
  • Food production areas
ES-SK240G240 litre wheelie bin
ES-SK120G120 litre wheelie bin
ES-SK240H240 litre wheelie bin
ES-SK120H120 litre wheelie bin
ES-SK240HAZ240 litre wheelie bin
ES-SK120HAZ120 litre wheelie bin

Containment bags, absorbent socks, pillows, bunding etc. are all available. Give us a call or come and visit our showroom to see our range.


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