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Skipper Cone Barrier

This 9 metre retractable tape barrier is designed in 2 colour combinations Yellow and Black or White and Red tiger stripe. This is a compact barrier which can be used to cordon off hazardous or restricted areas using our 1mtr cones with rubber bases. It can also be installed on walls with the purchase of Wall mounts and wall receiver clips.

Skipper Barrier

Skipper is a unique purpose designed approach to traffic and facilities management. Cordon off hazardous or restricted areas indoors or outside quickly and cost effectively. Skiper's fully retractable 9 metre tape enables all areas to be closed off using standard weight-base cones or posts.

Simply fit Skipper over the top of your cone or post, or if you wish, Skipper can be screwed to the cone for greater security. Alternatively using your optional wall mount bracket, Skipper can be used to block doorways, close off aisles in warehouses or anywhere that requires a fixed barrier.

Part No. Description
SKIP Skipper 9 metre retractable barrier
SKWM Wall mounting bracket
SKRC Wall receiver clip
BTC1000R 1 mtr cone with reflective collar
SKPBG UPVC post with rubber base (grey)
SKPBY UPVC post with rubber base (yellow)
QCH Sign Holder
SKRCA Cone receiver bracket
SKPRP-G Receiver post & base (grey)
SKPRP-Y Receiver post & base (yellow)

Retracta-Belt Magna Mount

The Magna-mount has all the features of the 4.6 and 7.6 wall mount models, with the added flexibility of being able to be quickly repositioned, using the magnetic base mount and magnetic belt clip. The built in safety bungy protects the unit from damage in the event that it is dislodged.

Ideal in warehousing where it can be carried from aisle to aisle by the forklift operator, attached to his machine. Please talk to our staff regarding the full range of retracta-belt wall mounts.
Part No. Description
RMM46 Retracta-belt Magna-mount 4.6m
RMM76 Retracta-belt Magna-mount 7.6m