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Aluminium & Brass Plaques

Aluminium plaques are used outdoors and give a modern look to your premises or garden. Anodised aluminium is engraved and then paint filled text is applied normally to give an everlasting finish. Brass is suitable for interior displays such as commemorative plaques which have a linished finish, followed by a clear coating. Brass naturally tarnishes over time, but is easily rejuvinated to its original state. Identisign also supplies timber backing boards if required.


Cast Plaques

The majority of plaques are cast in bronze, and alloy of copper and tin. Cast plaques come in a variety of designs and background colours with the most popular being Phoenix Brown which are often installed in parks and gardens as they are so durable to weather and vandals.

Bronze plaques are virtually available in any size with cast-on vandal resistant fittings allowing installation in the most exposed sites including parks, gardens and memorial parks.