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Lockout Devices

Master Scissor Hasp 25mm and 38mm, Snap on Hasp for multi person application, Corrosion resistant and manufactured from anodised aluminium and stainless steel. Large capacity lockout stations, Master Xenoy light weight padlocks, non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-sparking ideal for mining, confined spaces and lockout stations.

Scissor Hasps

Part No. Description
LO420 25mm Diameter Jaw
LO421 38mm Diameter Jaw

Economy Hasp

Master Scissor Hasps come in two sizes that can accommodate up to six individual padlocks.

Available in jaw diameters of either 25 or 38mm, they have insulated vinyl grips.

Part No. Description
(other colours available)
Accommodates up to five padlocks

Snap-On Hasp

The Master Snap-On Hasp is ideal for the multi-person application.

It comes with high visibility write-on labels which can be erased and re-used on seperate jobs. Corrosion resistant, it is manufactured for anodised aluminium & stainless steel.

Group Lock Box

Compliance Centre

Lockout Station

Circuit Breaker Lockouts

An effective way to secure each lockout point with a single designated lock. All keys are captured in the box with up to fourteen padlocks supplied to the box.
Keep important papers safe and organised by using the zippered binder. Available with or without wall mounting bracket.
Large capacity lockout station with durable construction. Covered compartments protect devices and keep dust out. Various options available.
Is appropriate for tall and wide breaker toggles.

For standard height tie-bar toggles.

A set of both devices.