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Custom Stencils

Stencils are a very efficient way to mark and identify products or stock without committing to expensive long-time signage. Design your own stencil using a custom image to produce logos, personalised text and property identification for assets. Made from either 0.6, 1.4mm Polypropylene or Magnetic sheet, custom stencils are re-useable, easy to use & draw attention to hazardous materials or contents. Magnetic stencils work only with metal products such as gas cylinders, waste bins and signs. Polypropylene stencils are ideal for packaging, stock and asset identification and roadway or pedestrian walkways around busy facilities. You can include your company logo as a feature of the stencil, making for easy identification of property.

Heavy Duty Stencils

Custom 3mm Thick Polypropylene Stencils

For those larger stencils required for carparks, factories and road stencilling, we can customise in our 3mm material enabling us to cut up to 1100mm high and 2000mm long.