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Custom Engraving

Identisign Engraving

Out engraving department boasts the latest state of the art engraving equipment, being able to engrave onto a large range of materials. Interior and exterior plastics and metals including brass, aluminium, stainless steel and even timber.

Our art department can reproduce your logo and integrate CAD drawings to your specifications.

Switch plates, switchboard labels, name badges and machine operating instructions are also some of the many engraving services we offer.

Brass Engraving

Brass Engraving is a specialist field which we are proud to be able to offer our customers. Brass is a product which can be used for plaques and memorabilia and directional signage. Brass does tarnish to a degree, however being a long life product it is very easy to restore to its original post-engraved condition.

Maintenance is very minimal and the longevity will surely meet your needs. Everything from pit lid identification plates to brass plaques commemorating special events can be engraved.

Aluminium Engraving

Aluminium is a product which is bhoth cost efficient and a hard wearing material. This makes it ideal for plaques and directional signage and gives a modern look to a whole range of products.

Quality Control

You are our valued customer. Therefore, we at Identisign adhere to strong measures in quality control to guarantee your satisfaction.

Plastic Laminate

Engraved plastic laminate is an economical way of marking equipment such as safety panels for machinery, switch board labels, name badges, table markers and many others.

Our plastic laminate has the flexibility to be used for internal use as well as our UV products which can be used for exterior applications. Plastic laminate comes in a large range of colours to suit your needs.

Timber Signage

Timber signs have been made throughout history. In early times, timber signs were hand engraved for churches and businesses. Today, the art of making timber signs is still carried on by our company. Many different timbers are used depending on the use of the sign. Talk to our qualified staff about your requirements.