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Cable Protectors

Identisign offers Durable moulded rubber cable protectors designed for temporary protection of assets from damage and to prevent pedestrians from tripping hazards. Manufactured from a combination of new and recycled rubber and recommended for pedestrians and light duty.

These are not recommended for forklift or truck traffic. These are available as 2,3 and 5 channel protectors. They offer a hinged lid in Hi Vis Saftey yellow with a black base.

We also have a one piece moulded polyethylene cable protector to protect cables from damage and pedestrians from tripping hazards these come in lengths of 1mtr with convenient interlocking modules at both ends which are low profile.

Cable Protectors

Part No. Description
CP5BODY 5 channel cable protector body
CP5LBEND 5 channel cable protector left bend
CP5RBEND 5 channel cable protector right bend
CP5ENDS 5 channel cable protector ends/pair

The five channel cable protector body module is a rubber construction with a high impact plastic hinged lid. Changes in direction of the cable protector are made possible using a 45 degree left or right hand bend. Using two bends will achieve a 90 degree turn. End modules are also available. All modules have a male and female end for easy connection.

Recommended for short term, light duty/vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 3 channel cable protectors also available

Description : Rubber 5 channel cable protector
Material : Rubber with high impact plastic hinged lid
Length : Body - 900mm
Ends - 150mm
Width : Body - 590mm
Ends - 590mm
Height : 75mm
Channel width : Five 35mm channels

Value Features
  • High visibility for vehicle and pedestrian safety.
  • Simple hinged lid operation.
  • 5 channels of 35mm diameter.
  • Heavy duty 'T' connectors and end caps.